Massage Treatments

Swedish 1/2 Hr. $60 / 1 Hr. $85 /
1 1.2 Hr. $120
Increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins in the body while relaxing the body with effleurage strokes. Soothing to the nerves, muscles, glands and circulation.
Deep Tissue 1/2 Hr. $65 / 1 Hr. $95 /
1 1.2 Hr. $130
A technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contacted area. It will release deeply held patterns of tension, removing toxins while relaxing and soothing the muscles.
Pregnancy $95
Promotes healthy elimination of wastes through the lymphatic and circulatory system which combats fatigue and replenishes mother and baby.
Hot Stone Massage 1 1.2 Hr. $145
A unique way to use Mother Earth in a massage to bring balance to your emotional, physical and well being.
Orient Essence Ceremony $130
Indulgence is now a necessity with this blissful ritual. Soft smooth skin becomes reality following exfoliation with a Ginger infused balm. Aromatic bags-smooth with Balinese pebbles in soft gauze soaked in warmed exotic oils. And luxurious spiced Granita to complete the treatment.
Cellulite Treatment $85
Increase circulation and stimulate celulite toxins, while removing toxins from the body. The results include softening of fibrous tissue, body contouring, improvement of circulation and cellular metabolism with the use of a body-contouring system.
Slimness Fusion 1.5 Hr. $130
Redefine the contours of the body with this powerful slimming wrap. A re-mineralizing salt glow invigorates the skin and boosts circulation to promote the natural elimination process. Extracts of Algae, Green Tea, Red Vine and essential oils provide all the powerful antioxidants, reducing the appearance of cellulite and refining the body contours.
Detoxifying Marine Benefits $130
Illuminate the skin with an invigorating salt glow followed by a powerful deep cleansing body mask naturally rich in minerals from refined marine elements. The warmth of the wrap will help soothe away the tension while encouraging the natural elimination of toxins.
Couple's Massage $ 185
Share this special 1-hour Swedish experience with a loved one. You'll be side by side in one of our exquisite treatment room.
Reflexology - Hand/Foot 1/2 Hr. $65 / 1 Hr. $90
A simple and natural way of maintaining the body in glowing health and vitality. Treatmens help reduce stress, tension, muscle fatigue, constipation and improves circulation.
Prospa Foot Care 1 Hr. $75
A powerful exfoliation with marine salts, followed by a delightful massage with reflexology and an instantly cooling freshness wrap that stimulates circulation, alleviates sore muscles and revitalizes tired legs. The skin is soft, hydrated and legs feel light and fresh for hours. Application of clear nail polish is available.
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