Skin Care

Custom European Facial $85
A 60 minute customized facial treatment that addresses your skin type condition and special needs. This facial treatment will purify, refine and rejuvenate your skin. This facial treatment will purify, refine and rejuvenate your skin. This includes a luxurious hand and foot massage complete with heated mitts.
Men's Facial $90
Detoxifying-destressing treatment with Phytomall & hydroglycolic complex to soothe, calm, hydrate, nourishe and soften irritated skin. Encapsulated retinal to restore elasticity & tone the skin mabrixyl (polypeptide) to restructure the tissues and appearance of deep wrinkles.
Eye Refirming Treatment (30 min) $55
A calming, anti-aging and revitalizing treatment utilizing special blends of ginseng, cornflower and chamomile to reduce puffiness, diminish fine lines, lesson dark circles, hydrate, refresh and induce relaxation (add on to any facial treatment for just $35)
(W)™ +Brightening Serum with pure vitamin C $45
Brightening and spot targeting resulting in a luminous, radiant and uniform complexion. To be used as an add-on to a facial.
Glycolic Facial $85
Deep exfoliating clinical treatment penetrates sebum, dissolves debris in the follicle and improves cell renewal. Gently refines and soothes texture, diminishes fine lines, stimulates collagen, improves skin elasticity and gives a more uniform complexion and smoother skin. 40% Glycolic Acid with 3% Salicylic Acid.
Resurfacing Peeling Treatmnent $95
This treatment is a multi-phase facial to target the most common complaints of the skin - dry rough skin, oily skin, asphyxiated skin, dull/blotchy complexion, tired dull skin, the lines and wrinkles. Complete facial to detoxify, refjuvenate, re-balance, revitalize and oxygenate the skin This treatment will immediately improve the skin tone and brightens the complexion. The skin appears more youthful, pores are minimized, impurities in the skin are removed and the complexion is radiant and glowing. Combining manual Microdermabrasion. 20% Glycolic Acid with 1.3% Salicylic Acid and 3.5pH.
Professional Correcting Treatment $90
To normalize oil secretion, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory action, dry and heal blemishes, absorb impurities, lighten a dull complexion. Complex Essential oils of lavender, sage, rosemary, juniper, cypress, thyme, geranium and myrtle. 15% Glycolic Acid and .015% Salicylic Acid, tree tea oul and licorice.
Professional Peeling Treatment $85
Surface exfoliation to deep cleanse the skin, smooth the skin's texture, increase cell renewal, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improves the condition of an oily skin. 15% Glycolic, 0.15 Salicylic Acid and pH3.
Hydradvance Intensive Treatment $95
Experience complete restorative hydration theraphy for immediate and long-lasting effect. It optimizes hydric flow, transferring water from the dermis to the epidermis to restore comfort and hydration (immediate effect). Ultra hydration nectar, sodium hyaluronate for ultra hydration, BHA-grafted serine for chemical and mechanical exfoliation. The patented 1055 Boletus extract brings a double hydrating action. Results after 1" treatment + 34% hydration still after one week.
Microdermabrasion $150
Is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment invented in Italy for skin rejuvenation. Dermatologic medical journals have proven that microdermabrasion exfoliates the outer dead layers of the skin and stimulates new collagen formation in the deeper dermal layers, revealing younger, fresher skin. Is right for all skin types. Improves appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation problems, dull, lifeless and sun damaged skin.
Toning Facial $150
The Beautiful Image Facial and Body Sculpting procedure is a revolutionary way to safely, effectively and gently tighten and firm the skin. It is performed through exclusively designed conducting wands which emit Microcurrents. (PrePay for 10 treatments ($1500) and receive 12)

Besides the increase in ATP, protein synthesis, and cellular membrane transport, clinical studies have consinstently shown the Microcurrent causes the following:

- 500% increase in ATP (Adenosine, Triphosphate, the chemical fuel of energy)
- 35% increase in blood circulation
- 40% increase in Gluconeogenesis (production of new glucose)
- 45% increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis
- 50% increase in the length of elastin fibers
- 10% increase in collagen thickness in the connective tissue
- 35% increase in the number of blood vessels
- 28% increase in lymphatic drainage
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